Best Email Marketing Services — Grow Your Business Today

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Recent studies have shown that the average American checks their email up to 20 times a day. About 60% of people check their email before doing anything else online, and even teenagers, fans of social media platforms, spend a considerable proportion of their time on their emails.

Statistics also show that people choose email to communicate with their favorite companies more than any other form of communication. It is for this reason that you should know about the best email marketing services, especially if you have a business you want to grow. 

The truth is, the best email marketing services are the ultimate. Now you just have to know how to make the most of this gold mine. Not sure how to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns? Here are 10 of the best email marketing services that will help grow your business this year and beyond. 

1. MailChimp

Unparalleled email marketing features

MailChimp is truly one of the best email marketing services in the industry. It is an all-in-one marketing campaign platform, which makes it easier and faster to set up, send, control, and maximize your email campaigns.

With complete CRM, you can easily track all leads and customers, collect data as they go through the sales funnel, and provide you with essential email marketing insights into the next steps to take.

Create campaigns quickly and easily in minutes using pre-built templates and sections. Next, adjust your automation so that you do not have to repeat the task.  MailChimp also has powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.

You can quickly see what works and what doesn’t with real-time analytics or customize your suggestions based on data-based information.

MailChimp offers many pricing tiers, so there is something for all business sizes. All plans are packed with great features. Even the free account allows up to 2,000 contacts, seven marketing channels, one-click automation, and CRM marketing. 

Do not waste another minute without the powerful tools that MailChimp offers every day.


  • Hundreds of integrations
  • Predicted demographics, lifetime value, and purchase likelihood
  • Loads of features packed into all plans, even freemium


  • The vague pricing structure can be confusing
  • Higher tiers are expensive


  • Starting at $9.99 per month
  • Free Trial: Free account

Email automation

  • Single-step automation for welcome emails

2. Constant Contact

The best email marketing platform for less

Constant Contact is one of the three best email marketing services in the industry. It has affordable plans that start at just $20 a month.

This pricing includes several valuable features, including customizable and branded templates, e-commerce options, automated Shopify’s installed email shopping cart, and WooCommerce integration.

This email marketing service lets you import your contact list for quick and easy email campaigns and even has list-building and list-targeting tools to help you get started. This service integrates Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads into its features, and Constant Contact has a handy marketing diary to keep everything going.

And these are just the basic features. If you want to upgrade, you will receive a diverse range of even more advanced features, such as surveys, dynamic content, RSVP, and automated email behavior series. Why not check out what Constant Contact can do for your email marketing campaign today? 


  • Extremely affordable pricing plans
  • Easy drag-and-drop editing
  • Email templates and automation even with the basic plan


  • Editing user records is cumbersome
  • The premium plan could use more advanced automation tools


  • Starting at $20 per month
  • Free Trial: First month free

Email automation

  • Plan marketing calendar

3. Benchmark

Easy email campaigns, templates, and customization

Benchmark is another one of the best email marketing services offering free and paid plans. The free plan has tons of responsive email templates, customizable registration forms, and list-based automation. If you are looking for added features, then upgrade to a paid account. T

he good thing is that Benchmark has more flexible pricing, which allows you to choose the number of subscribers and spend only what you need.

Once you start Benchmark, you will love it. The editor is top-notch, just drag and drop.  You can customize any part of your email or use custom templates for any occasion. 

Benchmark also has great marketing automation for things like welcome emails, abandoned shopping cart emails, and a tracking line. Track user activity to help customers continue down the sales funnel or encourage them.

In addition, the benchmark combines 300+ services from Facebook and Google to Shopify, Zapier, Zendesk, and more. So you have all the usual tools to help your business run smoothly.  


  • Simple, intuitive, powerful tools
  • Easy drag-and-drop live editor for email and photos
  • Strong analytics and reporting


  • It gets a little bothersome to manage multiple lists
  • Some emails get sent to spam


  • Starting at $11.89 per month
  • Free Trial: Free plan

Email automation

  • Behavior-based email follow-up

4. ActiveCampaign

Fast and powerful automation at your fingers

ActiveCampaign is not as well known as other email marketing platforms, but it is still one of the best email marketing services out there. Like Benchmark, ActiveCampaign has an impressive drag-and-drop editor that allows you to edit all aspects of your emails to achieve a perfect layout.

This service also features convenient email segmentation, subscription forms, and dynamic content for your email and business growth.

ActiveCampaign also has some great features like broadcast messages, activated emails, and targeted emails.  Email funnels automate the process and turn potential customers into actual customers. And an automated email response ensures that you are always in direct contact with your customers.

ActiveCampaign also has a great email builder that allows you to set dates and times to start your email campaign. This way, you will never miss a beat, even on holidays, weekends, or holidays. Get ready to make your email campaigns more potent than ever with ActiveCampaign today.


  • Superior marketing automation tools
  • Geo tracking, click maps, page visits, and other reporting
  • Highest delivery results


  • Lots of features take time to learn
  • No free plan


  • Starting at $9 per month
  • Free Trial: 14 days 

Email automation

  • Automation maps, split automation

5. Oracle Bronto

Professional email marketing for medium businesses 

Oracle is no stranger to quality software, and its email marketing automation software fits the mix perfectly. Bronto is a cloud-based software that can increase customer engagement, conversion, and sales.

The platform is a smooth, elegant and professional experience that you would expect from any Oracle product. Besides, Bronto has a wide variety of features to make email marketing faster, better, and more effective than ever before, making it one of the best email marketing services available.

Bronto integrates into any e-commerce system, so you are not limited at all. Additionally, you’ll have the easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to create a custom look and feel for your email lists, messages, and templates.

Bronto has some unique features besides the typical ones. Things like mobile product suggestions, cart recovery emails, browse recovery, and pop-ups are easy to implement without the need for coding.  From email marketing to robust campaign analysis and reporting, check out how Bronto can increase its results this year.


  • Deep insights with tons of reporting and analytics
  • Good list and task management
  • Excellent automation features


  • Pricing information is vague
  • No event management tools


  • Contact vendor for customized pricing
  • Free Trial: None

Email automation

  • Dynamic workflows, behavioral automation

6. AWeber

Simple and robust email marketing automation

AWeber is one of the best email marketing services in the industry. It has an incredible set of features, such as autoresponders, responsive email layout, and split testing. AWeber also has over 700 beautiful email templates to choose from. Or you can customize your layout with the simple built-in drag and drop editor.

AWeber has a great set of reporting features to help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns, an RSS feed for automatically submitting new posts, and segmenting your list to send more accurate emails.

AWeber has excellent customer support.  There is live chat 24/7, a big bonus, and a great knowledge base for DIY answers.  And another thing you will love about AWeber is its pricing structure.

Not only is there a free 30-day trial and an affordable option for every business budget, but AWeber offers you all the features available with all packages. No delay if you don’t pay more, AWeber is there to help you. Try and see how AWeber feels in your marketing campaigns.


  • User-friendly, flexible, and easy to learn software
  • Feature-rich with responsive templates, automation, and reporting
  • 24/7 live chat customer support


  • The feature set not as extensive as some competitors
  • Some templates are outdated


  • Starting at $19 per month
  • Free Trial: 30 days

Email automation

  • Tagging, automated email sequences

7. VerticalResponse

Serious automation and customization for less

VerticalResponse has helped businesses manage and optimize their email marketing campaigns and their customers for nearly 20 years. Of course, from social media to landing pages, surveys, and email campaigns, VerticalResponse is a powerful tool for creating, managing, and optimizing your marketing efforts.

From autoresponders and automail series to customizable email layouts and advanced reports, Vertical Response has the tools for success available to you.

VerticalResponse provides easy customer integration and management, list segmentation, and unlimited email sending even with your primary account. You can publish standalone landing pages, share them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and use the HTML editor to create excellent and personalized emails. 

And with its 1.4 million customers, it is good to say that VerticalResponse is one of the best email marketing services out there. Learn what this email marketing service can do for your business today.


  • Tremendous 60-day free trial
  • Excellent reporting and testing features
  • Advanced automation tools


  • A/B testing options are limited
  • Some issues with uploading contacts


  • Starting at $11 per month
  • Free Trial: 60 days

Email automation

  • Social posts, several automated email series

8. ActiveTrail

Intuitive marketing for better engagement 

ActiveTrail is another cloud-based email marketing software with outlets around the world. With billions of emails sent to date, ActiveTrail claims to be the main stop with advanced marketing solutions, customizable layouts, and superior delivery rates across all sectors.

And it really contains everything you could want from an email marketing platform.  From A/B testing for higher success rates to willingness to use lead forms and registration builders, from email personalization to photo editor, birthday campaigns, and more, ActiveTrail has you covered.

With ActiveTrail, you can also set up activators to make the most of marketing campaigns and even convert more missed opportunities. Advanced reports and analytics, on the other hand, can help you improve your campaign to increase conversions everywhere.

ActiveTrail is one of the least expensive email marketing platforms available now, with loads of related features and integrations. Therefore, ActiveTrail is one of the best email marketing services out there 


  • High deliverability rates
  • Big data time tables for best send times
  • Great workflow automation


  • Not as many templates as other competitors
  • No 24/7 live chat support


  • Starting at $7 per month
  • Free Trial: 30 days

Email  automation

  • Triggers, behavioral response series

9. GetResponse

Comprehensive content marketing services

GetResponse is so much more than your average email marketing service.  In fact, it offers a wide variety of features and services that will only increase your team’s productivity and profits. GetResponse takes things to the next level with features like webinar hosting, comprehensive customer retention management software, and custom IP addresses.

Climbing the pricing ladder, GetResponse offers an increasingly impressive service.  Get a dedicated account manager for delivery tips, transactional emails, troubleshooting, and campaign advice. 

Of course, GetResponse also has the usual features that you would like to see on your email marketing system. Features like autoresponder, landing page designers, automated templates, Facebook ads, call tags, and tagging help companies grow these leads and convert them into paying customers. All these solidify its place among the best email marketing services in the industry. 


  • Premium features and services outside the standard suite
  • Autoresponders, RSS to email, and other campaign tools
  • Web forms, list builders, surveys


  • It gets expensive quickly if you want more advanced features
  • A/B testing could be stronger


  • Starting at $10.50 per month
  • Free Trial: 30 days

Email automation

  • Welcome emails, thank you emails

10. SendinBlue

Grow your audience and keep them engaged

Sendinblue is one of the best email marketing services, ideal for those who want personalization, efficiency, and intelligent automation of email marketing campaigns. 

This service provides tools for developing your campaign from start to finish. Start using a professional email template or create your template from scratch.  Use the drag-and-drop editor to improve your layout. Then personalize your content with advanced personalization features.

But Sendinblue has more features than these. The service has an unlimited list and contacts so that you can customize your campaign to the details of each segment of your customers. Group your contacts by demographics, shopping patterns, or other behavior.

Finally, Sendinblue uses robust testing and analysis capabilities to help you find highlights, creations, and designs.


  • Design, personalize your emails and messages
  • Testing for best send times and follow-ups
  • Unlimited lists, contacts, and campaigns


  • Sendinblue logo on the lowest tier pricing plan
  • Setup takes some time to implement


  • Starting at $25 per month
  • Free Trial: Free account

Email automation

  • Marketing automation workflows

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the best email marketing services all about?

The best email marketing services help businesses to manage and effectively use email as a marketing tool. Key features include collecting and sending emails across large contact lists, creating attractive email designs using email templates, creating and formatting newsletters, and managing contact information for people interested in your offers.

2. Is MailChimp really free?

MailChimp is a good email marketing service with e-commerce integration, marketing automation, landing pages, social media ads, etc. While there are payment plans, the free MailChimp plan is rich in features and does the job for most small and medium businesses. Also, it includes 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month.

You will also receive premium features such as automation, A/B testing, and reporting, which you usually have to pay for with other services. If you need more than that, you will have to pay for an upgraded MailChimp account.

3. Is email marketing in danger of being replaced by social media?

It’s been what many people have been saying for decades, but email is still very much here and going nowhere.

Either way, people prefer email for relationships with the brands they want. The average U.S. citizen checks his or her email 20 times a day. It is more than once every hour.

Your email marketing campaign clicks and conversion rates are significantly higher than social media marketing. Yes, email is here to stay.  Therefore, improve your email marketing strategy today with the right software.

Key Facts about Choosing the Best Email Marketing Services 

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best investments a business owner can make.  Perhaps the most crucial benefit is the great value. 

Basic email marketing services are almost always free.  Sure, it will cost you money to build your customer and your list of potential customers, but sending an email costs nothing but can earn you a significant follow-up. It’s an online advertising channel that is almost free, so for most businesses, it is effortless.

Another big plus is the ability to track just about anything. This includes seeing who opens your email, which links are clicked, who forwarded your email, how many they took out (undelivered), and how many subscriptions.

You can also automate your marketing, schedule emails conveniently for you.  Email marketing is a quick and easy way to connect directly with customers and prospects. 

It is much more personal than any other type of online advertising that directly impacts user’s income, making it useful for any business.  Let’s keep this in mind.  If you always send your newsletter via the post office, you are not doing what others are doing. 

How to Choose among the Best Email Marketing Services 

All of the email marketing services listed above are evaluated and rated based on many important factors. The first criterion I evaluate is value. Obviously, all companies want to keep costs low and profits high.  This is why I try to estimate the value of each service by comparing what you pay for what you get.

I also consider sets of functions. What exactly does a particular program offer?  The best email marketing services should include industry standards such as email templates, subscription forms to be placed on your site so you can add people to your list, tracking tools, various list management tools, and  HTML encoding functions.

My review continues as I look into other factors. I check the suitability of the interface and the type of tools it contains.  Finally, I evaluate the marketing analysis tools (reports, charts, and other tools).


Most of the best email marketing services have free email marketing tools that come with robust features without the need to upgrade to a paid program. Small businesses and enterprises should be able to utilize them while saving time and money.

Many of the premium designs are affordable and flexible enough to fit your budget, even if you need to upgrade to meet your business needs.