Best Pet Insurance Companies

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The health and safety of your pets are your responsibilities whether you’re taking them for a trip soon or you’re just keeping them at home. That’s the reason you need to check out the best pet insurance companies. A good pet insurance can help you save thousands of dollars on vet bills and also save the life of your best friend. 

A lot of pet insurance providers have annual pet insurance deals, which makes the beginning of the year the best time to shower your pet with the love and attention they deserve. 

Have you been wondering how to get insurance for your pet? Then this complete guide is for you. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, bird, hamster, or turtle, you’ll find out how pet insurance works and the one that best suits your needs.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

1. Figo

Best Overall

Figo Insurance

Figo is at the top of my list because it has the option of reimbursing you a 100% of the amount, has no per-incident cap on claims, and also has one annual deductible.

It offers a truly modern style to the business of pet insurance, offering features such as a 24/7 live chat with a vet, online claims, and others, and you can do all these through their app. 

Also, Figo ticked all the boxes when it comes to the coverage of illness and injury, having different levels of protection you can customize according to your budget. Other benefits you can get from Figo include a fast turnaround time on claims payment, a coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions, including dysplasia. 

Figo has a rating of B according to the BBB, with its policies underwritten by the Independent American Association. It covers accidents and illnesses but doesn’t include the wellness plan in its options. 


  • You can get 24/7 access to a live site vet with its app 
  • It has a strong coverage
  • It offers exceptional customer service


  • It has a much lower BBB rating than comparable providers
  • It’s a comparatively young company being in the business for only seven years 

2. Pets Best

Gives you a lifetime protection for all your furry friends

Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best is a member of NAPHIA, and it’s among the best pet insurance providers in the country. Its plans offer total coverage for your furry friends, including accidents, illnesses, and diagnoses.

There’s even coverage for more serious issues like cancer treatments, emergency care, hospitalization, ongoing conditions. It also offers travel insurance, which allows you to keep your coverage even while you’re not around. Also, you can include routine care into any plan of your choice. 

In addition to all this, Pets Best knows that you love your pet no matter their age or health status. This is the reason why Pets Best also covers older pets, behavioral conditions, and also hereditary conditions. Additionally, you can contact any vet you want. 


  • Unlimited and lifetime plans available
  • Offers one deductible every year
  • Pet helpline is available 24/7
  • Low premiums
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • No age limits for pet coverage


  • Waiting periods can be very long
  • Offers no alternative medicine coverage
  • Complicated policy options
  • There is no selection of annual coverage limits
  • Examination fees are not included with some policies


The most trusted name in animal care today

ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA is a top dog in the pet insurance industry. As a well-known company across the country for its animal advocacy, ASPCA is the first choice for a good pet insurance company.

It has a Complete Coverage plan that covers almost everything your pet will ever need, plus accidents and illnesses. This company also offers high annual limits, quick reimbursements, and about 90% coverage on a lot of common procedures. 

Using the ASPCA’a mobile app, you can submit your claims with ease. The app has other awesome features which include quickly finding a vet, setting up a direct deposit, and digitally paying your bill.

Its website is also fully equipped with important information and useful resources for pet owners. ASPCA also has a huge network of professional vets as to its partners, which makes it possible to talk to a professional any time you want. 


  • It has a complete coverage plan
  • It offers both behavioral and alternative therapies coverage
  • No age limits for illness coverage and all pets are eligible


  • The breeding costs of pets are not covered
  • It only covers dogs and cats

4. PetPlan

Offers comprehensive pet insurance for everyone

Pet Plan Insurance

This company is an all-around pet insurance provider. It offers a vast range of insurance coverage like diagnostic testing and behavioral therapy.

PetPlan also takes care of some uncommon treatments like alternative therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic treatments, and homeopathic therapy. It also covers holistic medicine. 

It’s plan options are very flexible as you have the option of choosing your deductible and even the type of deductible you want. Therefore you have the choice of either paying per condition or annually. You can equally decide how much you are going to pay for each visit.

Still on flexibility, PetPlan makes it possible for pet owners to always work with the vet they like so far they have a license in the US or Canada. 


  • You can use any licensed vet within the US or Canada
  • It has no age limit on illness coverage
  • It also includes both behavioral and alternative therapies


  • It does not have a preventative care coverage
  • It also excludes prescription food in its coverage 

5. Embrace

Offers you full coverage for your pet for less

Embrace Insurance

This company is yet another excellent choice for people looking for pet insurance. Embrace offers you up to 90% back on all its covered items, allows you to use any vet of your choice, and also has flexible wellness plans for virtually any situation.

It has plans for almost any kind of pet—from kittens to puppies, to senior pets for complete lifetime coverage. 

What’s even better is that Embrace tries to make things affordable for pet owners. For instance, you’ll receive reimbursements for preventive care, grooming, and training with virtually no limits. It also has a diminishing deductible feature which helps to make the cost of your pet insurance very affordable.

For each year that you don’t make a claim, you’ll get $50 off your annual deductible. As this feature is a recurring one, it can greatly reduce the cost of your insurance. 


  • It has a diminishing deductible feature
  • It covers all exam fees
  • Wellness rewards program available


  • The age limit for illness coverage is 14 years
  • It does not offer unlimited plans

6. PetFirst

Offers convenient à la carte pet insurance plans

Pet First Insurance

This pet insurance provider allows pet owners to shop à la carte for their pet insurance plans. It has a basic plan to which you can add any other coverage you want such as preventative care, behavioral issues, and prescription food.

Moreover, its basic plan covers many things including exam fees, diagnoses, x-rays, plus hospitalization. This basic plan also takes care of alternative medicine and dental coverage. 

Its coverage covers the United States, which means that you can travel with your pet across the country without any worry. To make things more affordable, PetFirst has a wellness discount for each year you don’t make a claim.

It also has a multiple pet discount including an annual kill pay discount. Additionally, PetFirst allows you to enroll your pet that’s 8 weeks or older. 


  • No upper age limit required
  • It offers a lot of optional add-ons for plans
  • It offers a discount for multiple pets


  • It has a per-incident deductible
  • Its prescription food plan is capped at $250 annually

7. Trupanion

Offers convenient and comprehensive pet coverage


If one of the goals of this company is to break the stereotype about pet insurance companies, then from all indications, it has succeeded. From its groundbreaking policies like direct-pay to vets (which is the first of its kind), plus a condition-based deductible policy, Trupanion has shown that its an innovative company with a refreshing outlook designed for long-term pet coverage. 

This feature is easily noticeable in its policy of Vet Direct Pay, through which they pay the vet 90% of costs within 5 minutes. This way, Trupanion relieves its customers the stress of filling out paperwork and waiting for days or weeks to be reimbursed.

Another awesome feature of Trupanion is its lifetime condition deductible that lets you pay deductibles according to the condition of your pet and not on an annual basis.

Additionally, Trupanion has no limits on claims and does not discriminate against age, another proof of its commitment to lifetime pet insurance. 

When it comes to the price, its charges will be dependent on the age of your pet, breed gender, and location. Trupanion’s costs are usually higher than others, but its extensive coverage and wonderful policies like the Vet Direct Pay and condition-based deductibles make it a worthwhile investment. 


  • Its Vet Direct Pay feature means a limited waiting period
  • It offers an unlimited lifetime coverage
  • It offers many deductibles to choose from


  • It charges a $35 enrollment fee
  • It is more expensive than other providers

8. Prudent Pet

Offers all the add-ons you need for complete coverage

Prudent Pet

This company is progressively making it easier for pet owners to take care of their pets. First, there’s no need for you to go to a specific vet. You can continue with the one you’re using or one you’re familiar with so far as they have a license in the US or Canada. This also includes specialists and emergency care facilities. 

The second feature is that Prudent Pet lets you choose a plan, which means you won’t pay for the things you don’t want. You can pick from the accident and illness or accident-only plans and then add either prime or basic preventive add-ons.

The basic preventative contains services like dental cleanings, wellness exams, and deworming. While the prime preventative plan contains options such as heartworm prevention and blood tests. 


  • You can pay through direct deposit or check
  • It offers an unlimited plan
  • It offers flexible add-ons so you pay for what you want


  • Its preventative care doesn’t come included in the plan 
  • It does not include various cosmetic procedures 

9. PetAssure

Offers discounted prices on pet insurance procedures

Pet Assure

PetAssure is a different type of insurance for your furry friends. Instead of paying the vet directly, then submit a claim to the insurance company, and receive a percentage of the bill back, this company removes many of those complex procedures.

All you have to do is to go to one of the participating vets and show them your PetAssure card. The veterinarian will immediately give you a discount as a member of PetAssure. You then pay the discounted price, and that’s all. As I said, it’s a lot easier than others. 

Apart from the relative ease of using their services, the uniqueness of PetAssure is the fact that it takes care of all pet medical bills, from the beginning to the end.

Anything you do will be covered including wellness visits, allergy treatment, dental cleanings and exams, diabetes management, emergency care, hospitalization, routine care, spaying and neutering, surgeries, and much more. PetAssure is the most complete coverage you can get in the industry. 


  • There’s no need for you to submit claims
  • It covers all types of pets
  • It covers all pet medical procedures and visits


  • You have to work with a vet within the network
  • It does not cover non-medical services like food 

10. Nationwide Pet Insurance

Offers pet insurance for any pet, anywhere, any time

Nationwide Pet Insurance

This is a pet insurance company that tries to make things easier for pet owners to get the coverage that their pets—and pockets—need. Nationwide offers a comprehensive plan that takes care of the essentials such as accidents and illnesses.

It also takes care of exams, wellness, and ongoing diseases that most times are not part of the coverage. Its coverage also includes dental surgeries and prescriptions. 


  • Covers all domestic and exotic pets 
  • It offers multiple pet discounts 
  • It offers a wide coverage in the base plan


  • It charges high premiums
  • You cannot customize your plan 
  • It has a complicated reimbursement structure
  • It only has limited online services


What is Pet Insurance & How Does it Work?

This is a service made for pet owners that are in search of a financial safety net in the event of their animal getting sick or injured and needing expensive veterinary attention. Dog owners, cat owners, and sometimes owners of exotic pets pay a monthly fee (called a premium) for this kind of service.

The cost of this premium varies depending on the age and breed of the pet, the medical costs covered by the policy, the annual or per-procedure deductible included in the policy, and the percentage of the treatment the company will reimburse to the pet owner. 

The prices of pet insurance are usually specific according to the animal in question and the type of coverage you choose, therefore when signing up on the company’s website, you’ll provide information about the species of your pet, its breed, age, its basic medical history.

After that, you’ll receive a quote that you can adjust by making changes to your deductible, percentage of reimbursement, annual limit, and coverage plan if the company offers a tiered pricing plan.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

The degree of the coverage of your pet insurance policy is dependent on the company and your chosen plan. You should look for these coverages when choosing a plan: 

  • Preventative/wellness care
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Unexpected illnesses and injuries
  • Dental care
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeries
  • Hospitalization
  • Medication
  • Supplements or prescription food
  • Behavioral therapy

If you’re a pet owner, you most likely have noticed that the most common expenses you make for your animals, especially the young pets, are their routine examinations. Some companies like Pets Best take care of examination costs, but others don’t.

For some companies, you may have to choose a more expensive premium before they can be included. Although such a preventative treatment is a common expense, it’s important to carefully review your options to ascertain if it saves you money.

The amount you have to add to your monthly premium may be higher than your out-of-pocket for about 1 or 2 annual checkups, depending on the company and its fees. 

Pet insurance providers rarely cover pre-existing conditions, but some companies like ASPCA will take care of conditions that have been treated and haven’t shown any symptoms for at least 180 days. 

Although you should insist that your plan covers these things, you might have to live without some things in your plan. Apart from not covering pre-existing conditions, it’s also common for insurance companies to not include cosmetic procedures such as ear cropping or claw removal, plus breeding costs.

What are the Costs of Pet Insurance?

The cost of pet insurance varies and is dependent a lot of factors such as:

  • Breed
  • Age
  • Health
  • Deductible 
  • Annual limit
  • Reimbursement level
  • Coverage level

In simpler terms, if your pet is younger and healthier, you’ll pay a cheaper premium. Also the more you pay, the you’ll have a higher annual limit and coverage range. 

Additionally, your monthly payment will be affected by the amount of deductible you want to pay, the level of your reimbursement and the amount of your annual limit. This is why you must understand these terms:


This means the amount of money you’ll pay from your pocket before your insurance coverage sets in. Most of the top pet insurance companies allow you to choose the amount from a list of options. The higher the deductible, the lower the price of your policy.

Some providers also offer the option of completely removing the deductible, for a more expensive policy. You can pay your deductible yearly, in which once you get to the cap, all future vet costs will be covered, or per-incident, where you can pay a certain amount or percentage of each medical bill. 


An insurance company will not pay you back the full cost of a covered procedure. Usually, it will pay you about 70–90% of the cost. That’s called a reimbursement. 

Annual Limit

An annual limit is the maximum amount of money that an insurance provider will pay for treatment in a particular year.

Why Vets Recommend Pet Insurance

Best Pet Insurance

1. Preventative Care

You won’t have to guess whether or not your pet’s erratic behavior demands a visit to the vet as an early diagnosis is vital. With good pet insurance, you can always get an expert opinion whenever any issue comes up, no matter how little it is, without worrying about the cost. In this way, you can prevent a small issue from turning into a major problem. 

2. Cut Costs

The majority of the insurance policies go for around $30 per month or even less. Tooth extraction for your best friend can get up to $1,000, and one of the most common types of surgery performed on older dogs, cataract surgery will cost from $1,500 to $3,000. The small monthly insurance payment will save you a lot of money when you’re given that huge medical bill. 

3. Customized Coverage

Depending on what you want to include in your coverage plans like vet visits, wellness treatment, surgeries, and all kinds of medication, or if you want just the basic plan that takes care of only emergency visits, you make the choice.

There are policies made for every breed, age, and type of pet. Nowadays, some companies cover almost all types of pets—birds, horses, reptiles, rabbits, etc. Once you have your pet covered, the coverage lasts for a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about your pet being neglected as they age or if they develop a chronic illness. 

4. Save Your Pet’s Life

Most emergency visits are costlier than regular visits, usually costing about 15–25% more. This is why you should have insurance coverage because of those critical moments when you can’t wait till morning to get medical help for your pet.  

5. More Treatment Options

This prevents you from being in that situation where your pet’s life is hanging in the balance and you have to make a heart-wrenching decision of not pursuing complicated treatments due to their cost. As most vets would say, nothing is harder than seeing a client who can’t afford to pay for a pet’s treatment. 

6. It’s Simple

A lot of pet owners are very scared of pet insurance. But the truth is that pet insurance is a lot more similar to car insurance than the health insurance you’re familiar with because your costs are reimbursed and you don’t have to always use a specific professional. 

7. No Network

The vets do not have to belong to any network like health insurance workers before you’ll be reimbursed. You also don’t have to argue with insurance agents who don’t want to reimburse your medical expenses.

How to Select the Best Pet Insurance Provider

Below are some of the important things you should consider as you review pet insurance carriers and consider quotes:

  • Run a comparison of different insurance providers to know the one with the plans that best suits your pet and your pocket 
  • Make research on coverage options so you can better understand what you’re paying for 
  • Consider the speed of reimbursement and the level of customer service you like 
  • Consider the unique medical needs and expenses of your pet

If your pet is a breed that stands at a greater risk of a certain medical condition, you should choose a provider like Embrace, which covers conditions that are breed-specific and genetic. If your pet is a purebred, then you should make a research on the breed to find out if there are any conditions you should be aware of. 

A sudden and unexpected sickness or injury such demands diagnostic tests, surgeries, overnight hospitalization, and medication can be costlier than what a lot of pet owners can afford. That’s why it’s important to go for a plan that takes care of these costs and avoids the situation where you might be forced to euthanize your pet because of the cost of treatment.

Although it’s very unpleasant to think about, you should have it at the back of your mind when picking a pet insurance provider. Emergency care is very costly, therefore pet insurance should cover most of the bill.


Having pet insurance is a very smart move to insure your pet, and this can save you thousands of dollars. That’s why you must select a credible company that can pay your claim when the time comes.

Although it’s best if you insure your pets when they’re young, it’s still not too late to sign them up for a good policy that will ensure that they’re taken care of in case of an accident or illness. 

Also, your pets do deserve that they have an insurance policy that will cover all their medical expenses as they get older, and you need the peace of mind of knowing that you can afford any procedure they may require to save their lives. 

Hope you found this article about helpful. Check out other finance articles here.