Best DNA Testing Kits

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Over the years, the DNA industry has gotten bigger, and the services offered by DNA companies have become broader and more appealing. That’s why I’ve narrowed down the list by compiling this select list of the best DNA testing kits available. 

DNA testing has entered the mainstream over the last couple of years because the industry is driven by higher visibility, lower prices, and innovative science. DNA testing can help identify close relatives all the way back to your earliest ancestors, which can start off or improve your knowledge of the history of your family. 

Although it’s a sensitive and controversial subject, some of the best DNA testing kits claim to reveal your “ethnicity”, and some of them can shed more light on your genetic makeup and predisposition for illnesses and physical characteristics ranging from eye color to your preference for certain things. 

1. AncestryDNA

The largest database of users

This is the DNA testing tool of one of the top DNA companies, It was founded in 2012, and since then it has provided one of the best DNA testing kits ever. 

One big bonus with AncestryDNA is that it has a massive database of over 10 million users. This means that with AncestryDNA you stand a better chance of finding a long-lost relative that you might not have known. 

AncestryDNA reports cover over 500 regions from around the world. This makes it possible to trace and understand your ethnic makeup over the years and even get a better understanding of your family’s migration routes from the ancient world to the modern era. You can even find out the amount of Neanderthal DNA that you possess, making it one of the best DNA testing kits you can find. 

You can also make use of the resources of the world’s well-known genealogy website. When you purchase a membership for archival records, it’s possible to get access to billions of records from around the world.

How to do the test: You’ll receive a package from AncestryDNA that contains a vial that you’ll have to fill with your saliva. After that, you’ll add a blue stabilizing liquid. Then put it in the collection bag and ship it back to the company. 

Ensure that you do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for at least 30 minutes before providing your saliva sample. Also, make sure that you activate your account online before you start.  

Reading your results: You can go online to view your DNA matches. Also, you’ll receive an ethnicity estimate broken down across all ethnicity types from all regions. You’ll see different colors of pins on the “map and locations” section. These may show the possible locations where your ancestors came from. 


  • It has the largest user database
  • Offers strong family tree tools
  • Provides detailed online reports


  • It is more expensive than other tests
  • Shipping costs extra

2. GPS Origins 

Precision geographic mapping of your roots

GPS Origins boasts that it has one of the best DNA testing kits on the market. It claims that its test has the ability to map your DNA and the history of your family over more than 900 different geographical locations across the world. This is more than what most companies offer, but the price of GPS Origins is somewhat higher. 

Although the DNA test does not provide any health or fitness suggestions, you can, through GPS Origins, order skin and healthy weight tests that are aimed at improving fitness. With the GPS Origins test kit, you can check specific migration paths of your gene pool. This can be done by looking at hundreds of thousands of autosomal markers. 

Additionally, the results of the tests can be easily read across a series of color-coded maps. You can also read the results using the reading material that is included with your test results. 

How to do the test: GPS Origins provides 4 cheek swabs which you’ll use to wipe the inside of your mouth. There’s also a package that you have to send back to the company after you register the kit online. 

Reading your results:  When you get your reports, they can be read online using a series of available and easy-to-use maps that will trace your family’s migration path over the course of many generations. 

The report will be posted on your profile page on the official GPS Origins website. There you’ll view the percentages of your genetic makeup that come from dozens of different gene pools. 


  • Free shipping
  • Health tests are made available
  • Robust migration tracking reports


  • It has a higher price than other kits
  • There are limited customer service options

3. 23andMe

Your history—and health—all in one

Using 23andMe, you can take a look back in time to where you come from. Also, you can find out more about your health and also know what to expect in the future. 

23andMe provides one of the best DNA testing kits on the market, and it gives you a wealth of information about your health status. This is possible if you go for the ancestry + health test option. The health report provides you with information such as an assessment of your chances of getting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases and other genetic disorders. 

The test kit also provides you with “trait reports”, which can point out some very specific things like if you’re more likely to enjoy salty or sweet foods. 

If you choose only the ancestry test, you will receive a simple breakdown of the history of your family, including your ethnic makeup and the percentage of your genes that match other global populations. Also, using the DNA relatives tool, you can find people to who you’re genetically related. This can help in building a correct family tree. 

How to do the test: The 23andMe test kit will arrive with a sheet of instructions, a sample collection tube with a funnel cap, and a plastic bag. You have to first create an online account and register your kit with 23andMe. 

You’ll then fill the tube with your saliva. You should be sure that you did not eat, smoke, drink, chew gum, or brush your teeth for 30 minutes before giving your sample. After that, you’ll put the buffer liquid inside the tube, seal the tube, shake it, and ship it back to the company in the enclosed box. 

Reading your results: On the website, your genealogical report will show the history of your family on a helpful map. You’ll also be shown your ethnic mix and the percentage of your genetic makeup that matches certain global populations. 

Also, you’ll receive a report of the percentage of your DNA you share with Neanderthals, as well as some assessments of your health status. That’s if you chose the ancestral + health test. 


  • Provides in-depth health and ancestry reports
  • Online genealogy report
  • Relative matching tools


  • It is slightly more expensive than other options
  • There are extra costs for shipping

4. STK Paternity Test 

Paternity tests in the privacy of your home 

Paternity tests are rarely done in joyous circumstances. Instead, this is something done in the middle of intense tension, and in during a heartbreaking and complicated period of people’s lives. That’s why the STK provides one of the best DNA testing kits so you can have a discreet and private testing system that gets you quick results. 

Also, you will appreciate how simple and straightforward the test kit is to use, especially as one of the two people being tested will most likely be an infant or toddler. 

With just a quick swab of the inside of the child’s cheek and a swab of the inside of the (supposed) dad’s cheek as well, the results of this paternity test can be ready in less than a week. 

The company assures its customers that results will be ready in three to five business days after they receive the test. Therefore if you mail it on Monday, you’ll get the results of the paternity before the weekend. 

More important than the swiftness of the test results of the STK Paternity Test Kit is how accurate the results are. There’s no reason to worry about that aspect of the whole business. 

So long as you use it properly, this kit boasts a 99.999% accuracy rating. This is thanks to the high quality of the materials used and also because each of the test kits is tested by an accredited A2LA and ISO 17025 relationship testing facility. 

Although the results of the STK Paternity Test are not admissible in court, if after taking the personality test, you find yourself in need of admissible results, STK offers you a fifty dollar credit towards a test that will be admissible in court. This offer is open as long as your request is made within the first six months of receiving your initial results. 

Also, it’s pertinent to state that it is illegal to obtain this testing kit without an order from the court or a request from a doctor. 

How to use: Taking this test is a simple and straightforward process that can be done at home in just a few minutes. Both the alleged father and the child have to submit their DNA samples. Then after filling out the informational forms, both people will swab the insides of their cheeks and send the swabs back to the lab for testing. 

How to check the results: After both people submit their genetic samples, the results will be posted online within three to five business days. Also, a hard copy of the results will be mailed to you. 


  • Rapid and discreet results
  • Highly accurate testing
  • Painless and easy process


  • Cannot be shipped to New York 

5. LivingDNA

A more sophisticated DNA test

Every DNA testing company utilizes sophisticated modern technology and scientific resources, but LivingDNA goes the extra mile in making one of the best DNA testing kits. 

This company does more than the industry standard family-line ancestry, also known as autosomal DNA. This also provides you with the results of your maternal line. If you’re a male, the test can also check your paternal family line. 

This feature is a more extensive type of testing that is not offered by most of the competition. It can provide you with more information and insight. With that being said, it doesn’t make this test more expensive than the others in the industry. Also, the results can take longer to be available, up to around 12 weeks. 

LivingDNA test results trace back to about 10 generations and cover 80 various regions around the globe. This means that you will get very accurate results about the history of your family.

Additionally, the results will come with a map known as “Your Ancestry through History”. This is some sort of timeline which you can use to trace your family’s migration over the course of thousands of years. 

How to do the test: The LivingDNA test kit will arrive in a box that contains the instructions for activating it online. Then you’ll use the cotton swab to get a sample from the inside of your cheek. After that, you’ll place the swab back into the enclosed bag for shipping back to the company. And within 12 weeks the test results will be ready to be viewed online. 

Reading your results: After the waiting period, your report will be posted on your account. The report comes with an easy-to-read, which and color-coded map that simplifies your ancestry across different ethnic groups worldwide. It will also show the origin of your ancestors and you can print them out if you desire. 


  • Covers 80 worldwide regions
  • Offers autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-DNA testing
  • There is a huge team of scientists and researchers


  • Takes longer to process results
  • There is no PDF download of the results

6. MyHeritage

The leader in discovering ancestral origins

This company has become a leading name in making the best DNA testing kits and it’s easy to see the reason for this. MyHeritage’s DNA test kit is affordable, simple to use, and you can combine it with one of the most extensive family tree builders available online. 

Simply put, this is an all-in-one online platform for those who want to know more about the ethnic makeup of their DNA and the twists and turns of their family history. 

Using MyHeritage, you can get an easy-to-use DNA testing kit that will help you trace your ethnicity across more than 42 regions across the globe. You can also pay for access to billions of historical records that are kept on file by MyHeritage. This gives you a chance to delve deeper into your genealogy research. 

One of the things that make MyHeritage work so well is the amazing size of its user database. This database contains the details of tens of millions of users. This is why the company’s “DNA Matching” tool is very effective. 

This tool lets you plug your DNA sample into the database and you can see if there are matches among the users in the database of MyHeritage. This is an amazing way of learning more about yourself and maybe find and connect with a long-lost relative. 

How to do the test: When your MyHeritage DNA testing kit comes, you’ll get a number you will use to activate the DNA kit online. This is so you can receive the results when they are ready. Inside the kit, you’ll find two cotton swabs. Rub one on the inside of one of your cheeks for about 30–60 seconds. 

Then put it inside the enclosed vial and seal it. Do the same with the second swab and vial. Then you’ll ship it back inside the enclosed envelope. And a few weeks later, you should be able to view your results online. 

Reading your results: When your results are available, you’ll receive an ethnicity estimate which is a comprehensive breakdown of your genetic makeup analyzed by percentage across more than 42 ethnicities across the world. 

The results will be presented with a color code across a map of the world for easy comprehension. Also, you’ll get a series of DNA matches in the event that there are other users online that you’re related to. 


  • It has a huge database of users
  • Available in 42 languages
  • Provides an extensive family tree builders


  • Offers free shipping for 2 kits or more only
  • It doesn’t offer health reports

7. Vitagene

Knowledge of your roots 

This is more than your normal DNA test. It also provides health screening and the possibility of buying into a monthly supplement plan. Vitagene, thus, gives a rare offer in the DNA testing industry, and this makes it different from the competition, and one of the best DNA testing kits available. 

The first thing about this DNA test is that it has an ancestry report section. This report will show you a unique blend of ethnic groups shown across 25 regions of the world with a breakdown by percentage. 

Then there’s the health section which gives you recommendations about the vitamins you have to take, include the kinds of exercises and fitness regimens that are best for your unique DNA. 

Also, it can check for a wide range of traits, including how your body reacts to alcohol and lactose, and if you should stay away from gluten. 

In addition to these, you can go for a plan that will provide you with various supplements that have been custom-made with the results of your DNA in mind. And although you cannot opt for an ancestry-only report, the combined ancestry and health report costs roughly the same amount as what most companies charge for only the ancestry test. 

And while Vitagene offers one of the best DNA testing kits that focuses on your health, it does not provide the same genealogy research tools or family tree builders provided by other DNA testing companies. 

How to do the test: Your Vitagene test kit will arrive after 3–5 days of ordering. Then you have to register your test kit online, and then use the cotton swabs to collect your DNA sample from the inside of your cheeks. Then you should seal them and ship them back to the company. 

The results will be ready for viewing online after 3–4 weeks of the samples being received by the lab. 

Reading your results: Using Vitagene, you’ll get your health diet and supplement reports online, including helpful tips for exercising. You can also get the results from the company as a raw DNA file which you can use later for something else. 


  • Health screening included
  • You will have an online personal coach
  • Can use DNA results from other tests


  • Shipping costs extra
  • It has a limited help center

8. LetsGetChecked

Discreet health screening for men and women

This company does not perform DNA testing. Rather, LetsGetChecked provides at-home health screening kits for people who either cannot go to a doctor or just want to be private about their tests. There are lots of health tests you can choose from such as kidney and liver tests, hormone and fertility tests, cholesterol tests, and STD screenings. 

The tests are grouped into 4 categories: men’s tests, women’s tests, sexual health, and wellness. Each of these categories has its own test kits that touch on many of the same areas that would be analyzed in your normal lab from a doctor’s office. 

The fact that people can be tested for a wide variety of health issues—from hepatitis to thyroid conditions, HPV, and vitamin D deficiencies without having to go to a doctor make this testing kit a great option for people who don’t have insurance or who are not free to talk about sensitive and confidential topics. 

Also, has a boutique feel to it. The kits arrive in discreet, nice packaging and are delivered the next day. You have to set up your health record online or using the app. The health record will then be reviewed in real-time by a doctor. Once you send in your samples, they will be analyzed by CLIA-approved and CAP-accredited laboratories. 

How to do the test: It’s necessary to point out that unlike DNA tests, the LetsGetChecked kits require more extensive collection methods. These methods might include: 

  • Finger-prick testing
  • Urine samples
  • Stool samples

You should understand that although collecting your sample is safe to do at home, it’s definitely more involved than a cheek swab. This should be known before purchasing a kit. Tests that require a blood sample will include cleaning swabs and lancets which you’ll use to prick your finger. 

When you’ve drawn blood, you have to fill the blood tube that was included in the kit to the top. After that, you’ll mail it back in the included biohazard bag and box. The urine and stool sample kits also come with the collection materials that are needed and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Reading your results: A team of doctors will review your results when they’re released, and a nurse will contact you to tell you the results, answer your questions, and give follow-up guidance if necessary. Users will also have access to their full test results through their personal dashboard on the LetsGetChecked digital platforms. 


  • Discrete at-home health screening
  • The results will be reviewed by doctors 
  • It saves you a trip to the doctor


  • It doesn’t provide DNA testing
  • Requires blood, urine, or stool samples

9. Nutrisystem

Molecular look into your eating habits

For the past 45 years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people to lose weight using its nutritional meal plans and personal nutritional coaching. And now it has taken weight loss to a more molecular level. 

The basic idea behind this company’s DNA Body Blueprint Kit is to reveal to people how their bodies work.

This process is similar to the other DNA tests, but instead of knowing about their ancestors or possible relatives, users will gain more understanding of how their bodies process food and how their genetic makeup influences their eating habits. 

The results will show you a unique image of your body’s metabolism, and this can explain how your body takes in specific foods, vitamins, and minerals. It can also explain why you crave certain foods, and how you can make use of this information to adopt a diet plan that better fits your body’s metabolism. 

And using an updated package, you can make use of this information in tandem with Nutrisystem’s dieting plans to change your results into actionable steps towards weight loss. 

How to do the test: You can take this test at home and it requires simple cheek swabs. After that, you’ll send the sample back to the lab for analysis. 

Reading your results: Your results will detail your genetic information about your body’s metabolism, and also how your genes affect your body’s ability to process foods and lose weight. 

And depending on the kit you purchase, your results will either contain the steps you can take in using your genetic information or a personalized nutritional plan with a grocery guide designed according to your unique DNA profile. 

Nutrisystem users can equally use their results in tandem with their 4-week diet plan. 


  • Industry-leading weight-loss company
  • Follow-up with actionable diet options
  • Simple cheek swab


  • The DNA test is not Nutrisystem’s main product
  • Limited information on the website

10. Futura Genetics

A cutting-edge glimpse into your future health

Futura Genetics utilizes the latest in modern DNA science to empower and enlighten people about their health. This Vancouver-based company runs advanced DNA tests using its EU lab. This test is to find out how each person is predisposed to 28 of the most commonly occurring diseases. 

People who are interested in being proactive about their health can make use of Futura Genetics’ state-of-the-art DNA testing to know more about their health risks. And using the studies done on Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), geneticists can pinpoint specific genetic markers for diseases like lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 1 and 2 diabetes, and over 20 other common diseases.

This will reveal how each person is susceptible to developing those diseases later in life. 

How to do the test: You can easily and quickly collect the samples at home through a saliva test. Then shake the sample for 5 seconds, and send it to the lab. The test kit contains all the necessary materials and the instructions too. 

Reading your results: Futura’s genetic reports are some of the easy and straightforward ones out there. Each of the 28 diseases tested will be listed, with 2 charts beside them showing the average risk beside it. 

Every disease also has graphic icons like a cigarette, sunglasses, or a stethoscope, which describe the particular activities you have to do or avoid in order to reduce your risk of having such disease. 

Also, the report includes a detailed summary of every disease and a glossary of the terms used in the report. 


  • Cutting-edge science performed in EU lab
  • Identifies if you have the risk of cancer and other common diseases
  • Straightforward report with actionable suggestions using one of the best DNA testing kits out there


  • The very specific test for identifying potential illnesses
  • Results can appear more concerning than they are

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which DNA test is the most accurate?

MyHeritage and AncestryDNA are two of the companies that provide some of the best DNA testing kits out there. Both companies have millions of users, great press ratings, and lots of success stories that prove how accurate they are. 

2. Which is better between AncestryDNA or 23andMe?

This depends on what you’re looking for. Both companies are reputable in providing the best DNA testing kits, but they’re slightly different in the services they offer. AncestryDNA is great for people who are interested in finding out historical records and documents, while 23andMe gives you more options for knowing your budget health and personality traits. 

3. Do siblings have the same DNA?

Siblings do not have exactly the same DNA. However, they will have roughly 50% of the same DNA if they have the same two parents. 

4. What is DNA testing?

DNA testing looks at the genetic code found in the unique DNA profile of every individual. This code is found in the cells of any human material, be it a drop of saliva or a strand of hair, or a smear of blood. 

5. How does DNA testing work?

This procedure works by taking a sample of cells from the person who is taking the test. Scientists will isolate the DNA code that is at the center of every single cell and contains the information which determines each of your physical characteristics, from your height and hair color to your chances of developing some conditions. 

6. How do I use the kit? 

When you make use of a home DNA testing kit, you will see all the instructions inside it. Normally, you’ll receive a sterile tube for collecting your saliva sample. And it can be awkward to get enough saliva for test purposes. 

Instead, some companies will send a cheek swab that you have to rub against the inside of your cheek to get a sample of your cells there. 

When you’ve collected your DNA sample, you have to seal it in the sterile package and use the mailing package there to mail it back to the company. Usually, it takes a few weeks for the results to be available. However the time frame varies, it can be anything from 4 to 12 weeks. 

And when your results are available you’ll mostly receive an email that invites you to see your results online. Most DNA companies have an online dashboard for exploring your results. 

Types of DNA tests 

A sample of a person’s DNA can tell so much about different aspects of the person depending on the type of test performed and the parameters the analysts are looking for. 

These parameters can vary from ancestral roots to biological parents and health predispositions. Below are some of the popular tests that can be run on your DNA: 

Paternity tests are used to find out who the father of a baby, child, or adult.

Genealogy or ancestry tests are used by genealogists to find out ancestral ethnicity and relationships.

Health tests can highlight how your body works, like in the case of metabolism and processing vitamins and nutrients, to what risks are involved in developing common diseases. 

Gene therapy DNA testing is usually used for parents before they try to conceive. It can also be used for fetuses to look for inheritable genetic conditions, or if an embryo is carrying any birth defects.

Forensic DNA tests are used by the police at crime scenes to identify victims or catch criminals after certain crimes.

7. How to choose a DNA test kit 

Like lots of other purchases in life, when it comes to buying a home DNA kit, you must find out what’s most important for you. Below are the most important things to consider when you’re trying to select a DNA testing company or one of the best DNA testing kits. 

1) What the test reveals

If your main interest is family genealogical research, then you should go for a company like MyHeritage or AncestryDNA. With both of these companies, you can also have access to a massive database of billions of historical records. Also, you can trace your roots through the family tree builder. 

Additionally, the companies have millions of users in their databases and can match you with relatives. Therefore if you want to find long-lost family members, companies like these are your best choices. 

If you want to learn more about your personal health and maybe receive tips for nutrition and exercise, then companies like Vitagene and 23andMe are better options. Apart from 23andMe—which combines ancestry mapping with health assessments—the DNA test kits aren’t marketed toward users who are interested in deep, extensive genealogical research. Instead, they are marketed to people who are interested in learning about their health through DNA testing. 

Finally, you should consider if it’s important to you that the company does more than just autosomal testing and if it goes across enough geographic regions in mapping your ancestry, or if you want a company like GPS Origins that takes a look at over 900 geographic regions. 

2) Type of test

If you’re interested in a DNA test because you want to learn more about your family’s history, there are a few options. An autosomal DNA test checks only 22 out of the 23 pairs of chromosomes. This can be used in comparing DNA from both males and females. So it’s best for finding some of your living relatives. 

It will be less accurate the further back you go. This is because autosomal DNA changes every generation. Therefore it’s only good for identifying up to the third, or sometimes fourth cousins. Also, it can only give accurate information back to your great-great-grandparents.

A mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test looks at the tiny mitochondrial strands inside every cell. Both males and females get these mitochondria from their mothers. It can extend much further back in time because it rarely changes. It gives very reliable details about your ancestors and distant cousins—even your 48th cousin! However, this is possible only if they are from your maternal side. 

This type of DNA test is good for proving that you come from a particular region, ethnicity, or family group, but not for finding relatives.

Y-DNA testing looks at only the genetic information in the Y-chromosome, which is only found in males. Also, it doesn’t change quickly. Therefore like mtDNA, Y-DNA testing is a good way of proving a relationship with a common ancestor or checking your relationship with another individual. 

But it only works along with the male or paternal side. What it means is that only men can do a Y-DNA test. However, women can ask a close male relative to take the Y-DNA test and then compare their results.

3) DNA testing price

The price of the DNA test usually varies from company to company. It also depends on the type of test you want to take. mtDNA tests are the costliest type of DNA testing, while the least expensive DNA test kits are usually autosomal DNA tests. 

Y-DNA tests are somewhere in the middle.  And though the tests are basically the same, there’s a huge difference in price between different companies, so compare prices before you purchase a kit. Some companies, like LivingDNA, will offer a package of all 3 tests for a discount.

When most people think about home DNA tests, what usually comes to mind are the ancestry or ethnicity tests. These are tests that go over your DNA sample so as to get an idea of your ethnicity and have an assessment of the migration paths of your ancestors over the course of hundreds of years. 

Most times a straight ancestry/ethnicity test kit on its own will be the least expensive DNA test kit. It usually ranges from as little as $59 to around $79-$99 for most DNA companies. Most times you can order these kits online, especially during the holiday season. 

With lots of companies, you can merge an ancestry test with getting access to genealogical records and family tree builders. This lets you create a comprehensive genealogical research tool that can be insightful and can also be helpful in finding long-lost relatives you never even knew you had.

The average price is about $99, although some companies provide more advanced access to historical archives, these will cost more. 

Additionally, many ancestry DNA tests can also be used to determine paternity. These can be a lot more expensive, especially if they have to be admissible in court for custody or immigration reasons.

You can expect to spend several hundred dollars or more on this kind of test, with even higher prices for paternity tests with results that can be admissible in court.  

Health DNA tests can use your DNA sample in building a personalized health analysis. These tests can check if you are prone to having a genetic disease later in life, the vitamins you need to take, and even if you like spicy foods or prefer the sweet stuff. 

Combined ancestry + health tests can easily be around $199. Other tests include not just a health and ancestry report, but they also contain a monthly shipment of supplements. This can cost around $150 for the first test and then a monthly charge that can be around $50-$100.

4) Ease of use

Lots of DNA testing kits are straightforward, but some elderly or weak people can be uncomfortable with spit tests. In those instances, companies that offer a cheek swab for taking samples instead of needing a saliva sample could be easier.

5) Reports

It’s not every company that offers the same type and range of reports. Only a few of the genealogical DNA testing companies will include health and wellness reports. Most companies provide ancestral reports, which go into the details of your family’s history, ethnicity, and which region of the world you hail from, although some are more comprehensive than others. 

Some also offer a chromosomal browser that lets you match your genetic profile with that of other people from around the world. You can also get cousin matching reports, which allows you to know if you have any matches with other people who use the same service.

6) DNA test accuracy

The type of test you go for will affect the accuracy of your test results. This is because autosomal DNA tests are less reliable the further back you go, but mtDNA and Y-DNA tests are accurate for dozens of generations. 

The top DNA testing companies such as, MyHeritage, and LivingDNA are all very accurate when it comes to the DNA test results. However, all companies caution that you shouldn’t use home DNA tests for detailed and critical genetic information such as the risk of genetic conditions or of developing cancer.

7) Privacy

As the incidence of hackers and cyber thieves are on the rise, privacy is a big issue for DNA testing. Make sure that the company you pick makes use of industry-standard safeguards and firewalls to safeguard your details.

You should also ensure that the company you select has a well-detailed privacy policy and won’t sell your details to medical research facilities or commercial partners without your consent. It’s crucial to find out exactly what the company does with your details.

8) Special features

Apart from these considerations, there are a few other features that are provided by some DNA testing companies. Some companies keep your data indefinitely. This means that you can discover new family history information 50 years after using some of the best DNA testing kits. Others only store it for a specific number of years.

Another feature is the size of the database. The bigger the database of the customers, the better your chances are of finding a match.

Some companies also allow you to upload raw genealogical data to their database so you can check if you have any matches without taking another test. 

Emerging trends in DNA testing that can change the future

If you’re always interested in your family’s heritage, the 21st century is the perfect time to be alive. Although it was once a tasking process, DNA testing has become almost as common and easy as taking a standard blood test. This is due to the availability of some of the best DNA testing kits. Home DNA kits are cheap, convenient, and private. Also, the results are amazing and reliable. 

DNA testing is an exciting and reliable option, and people everywhere are becoming aware of it. As a matter of fact, people who think of the future are already using this scientific innovation to solve global problems and maximize the benefits of having your DNA sequenced in no time. 

Here are seven modern-day trends that are starting due to DNA testing research and results, and you can be a part of them:

  • Retelling history 
  • Heritage travel 
  • Advancing health and fitness 
  • Early cancer detection 
  • Fueling the future 
  • Fighting crime
  • Testing embryos 


You have now known more about the things that the DNA testing industry can do for you, it’s time to be comfortable and choose the test that really solves your needs. Genealogy is a fantastic hobby, and also, it’s a personal one.

Your interest might be more in health information than a detailed ethnic history, you might want to research more on genealogical records and find your lost family relatives across a large family tree, or you might just want to learn only about your ethnicity. This is a journey that you can decide what happens in it.

Also, you may discover that you can use the DNA information and tools as a way of building a full-on family tree. Thankfully, some companies can help you with an extensive and insightful digital family tree which you can update in a jiffy and even use to find and connect with other relatives online. 

If you will like to find out what your DNA says about you and your family, my personal recommendations are AncestryDNA and 23andMe.